Snatam Kaur – Source of Strength: Meditations for Transformation (2017) [Hi-Res]

Snatam Kaur – Source of Strength: Meditations for Transformation (2017) [Hi-Res]

HiRes专辑名称:Snatam Kaur – Source of Strength: Meditations for Transformation
音乐流派:NEW AGE新世纪
音乐分辨率:24bit – 44.1khz 
唱片公司:Spirit Voyage Records

Source Of Strength: Meditations for Transformation shares three powerful meditations from Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. These meditations will allow you melt away the negativity in your life, strengthen your five tattvas and deepen your connection to the Divine. Meditations: Meditation to Call upon the Divine (Mool Mantra) Meditation to Melt Negativity (Aap Sahaa-ee Ho-aa) Meditation to Command Your Five Tattvas (Aap Sahaa-ee Ho-aa) The first meditation gives you an opportunity to call upon the Divine, with compassion, love, and the blessing of the Mool Mantra which gives universal consciousness. When the call is made in this way, the Divine comes to the aid of the devotee. The second meditation clears your path from negativity. The internal pressure is applied, which in turn melts the external pressure. The third meditation gives you protection and mental balance. It allows you to penetrate into the unknown without fear and command your five tattvas for effective living. The tracks on this meditation album are extended tracks from previously released albums by Snatam Kaur, offered in extended versions here to support your meditation experience. Credits: Vocals: Snatam Kaur Keyboards, Bass, & Vocals: Thomas Barquee Tabla: Satnam Singh Ramgotra Girish: Percussion, Tabla Guitars: Simone Sello, GuruGanesha Singh Flute: Manose Music composition by Snatam Kaur & Thomas Barquee Produced & Arranged by Thomas Barquee


  1. Snatam Kaur – Mool Mantra Meditation (31:42)
  2. Snatam Kaur – Aap Sahaa-ee Ho-aa Meditation (31:09)
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